Music interaction by Alex smith 
 connecting WITH music to break through the social isolation of children with autism, brain injury, cerebral palsy & fasd RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES ADAPTING TO neuro-developmental disorders 


 connecting via music to break through the social isolation of children with autism, brain injury, cerebral palsy & fasd RESOURCES FOR FAMILIES ADAPTING TO neuro-developmental disorders 

Who we are

music interaction and autism, ABI & FASD network and resources

Alex Smith, Lead Singer with Moving Pictures and independent musician who has spent over 20 years working in special education as a Music Interaction facilitator.

Ric Davidson, Education Consultant and Media Production Coordinator for programs for individuals with cognitive, social and communication disadvantages.

Connie May MHST, Director/Producer and Project Lead for One Generation Changes programs that aim to 'pay it forward' for current and next-in-line generations; advocate using the power of music in improving population health and the lives of people living with differences.



THIS WAY INTO MUSIC (TWIM):  Program Series Synopsis

  • Providing music interaction methods and resources to help families and educators better connect with children who have limited communication abilities (Autism, ABI, CP)
  • Demonstrating innovative music-based strategies to engage children with complex communication needs to help reduce social isolation 
  • Teaching easy-to-use music-based interaction games for use by family and education teams to help children with attention, cognition and communication disorders - programs with the potential capacity to increase transferable social interaction skills and emotional regulation skills and reduce 'melt down' moments in home and educational settings.

Alex Smith, Connie May and Ric Davidson are creating a special Informational Resource Program for parents, siblings, carers and educators of children with complex communication challenges, including difficulties in social interactions.   The program is called "This Way In To Music" or TWIM.

  •  This Way In To Music (TWIM) aims to benefit children who are neuro-developmentally atypical; e.g., they have a neuro-developmental disorder (NDD).  
  • TWIM is a program to empower family members and education providers who are struggling to adapt to communication challenges and self-regulation difficulties commonly attributed to the following conditions:  Autism, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FASD), Cerebral Palsy, Downs Syndrome, Acquired Brain Injury and other cognitive/communication conditions.


The series is based on Annual Subscriptions of $39.99 (USD) or $47.99 (AUD/NZ) each year.

To pre-order, send an email via the enquiry form.  The first release is due in early 2017.

This Music Interaction Program (This Way In To Music) series program generally consists of:


SIX (6) ACTUAL DEMONSTRATION-BASED EPISODES featuring singer Alex Smith working with parents, carers, teachers and children with neuro-developmental differences as they participate in the suggested music-based engagement strategies.  Sibling participation is encouraged but is optional. Families with children living with NDD who are typically aged between 6 and 18 and living with different types of neuro-developmental challenges will be invited to participate in the filmed sessions to help other parents and teachers learn interaction strategies to socially engage children using music.  This may result in potentially transferable social and communication skills unique to the individual child or family, but the aim of TWIM is primarily to reduce social isolation.

SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCES with leading Academics, Authors, Musicians and Actors or others who are in the spotlight who have raised (or are currently raising) children with neuro-developmental differences OR who want to share their music approaches or thoughts about the power of music.

FOUR (4) INTERVIEWS with Parents or Carers who are struggling with day-to-day challenges of living with a child who has a neuro-developmental condition impacting communication and behaviours.

2 CLASSROOM Demonstrations 

We use music interaction strategies in filmed sessions with families with children with mild, moderate and severe communication difficulties and/or cognitive impairment and/or sensory sensitivities.

Delivery method:  Options include an online downloadable subscription

Each segment is 30 minutes to 45 minutes in length and will be available via either a DVD or Downloadable format for computers and television viewing, Or by a USB-key digital media format (options of different media formats including MP4, MOV or AVI files will be available to meet the needs of the purchaser).